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I meant to do this a while ago... >.<

This journal is friends only.

'Cause it's the cool new thing.

Comment, and odds are I'll add you. ^.^

About me:

I'm 25 years old. I live in Jersey City, NJ with my parents and my little brother. I love making new friends, so please feel free to friend me! If you'd like a friending back, please comment here--I don't generally like adding people unless I've talked to them at least a little.

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Music rec post! :D

Since the cable in my room went out, I've been listening to A LOT of new music, thought I'd share with you guys what I've been listening to lately! (yay finally a happy post! :D)

This is my favorite kind of song; slow and pretty and draws you in, but then you hear the lyrics and think, "...hey, wait a minute..."

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Reccing Music

Some music I've been listening to lately that I thought I'd share.


First up: A band that I downloaded randomly one afternoon AGES ago and just now got around to listening. They've got a really interesting sound!

Lydia: One More Day

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Pimping a good comm that needs help. ^.^

Writer-people on my flist: comment_fic needs help.

What is comment_fic? Basically, every day, there's a theme posted. You can then make prompts for fics based on that theme--any fandom, any pairing, any prompt. And, of course, you can answer the prompts other come up with, as a comment to that prompt (so there's a limit to how long your fic is).

All the prompts that are answered go into an index, and all the prompts that aren't answered go into a "lonely prompt" list. However, lately, there have been way more prompts given than received. So, you could imagine that the "lonely prompt" list is getting a little out of hand.

So, if you think the comm might be up your alley, please go join and take a look at the lonely prompts. They really need homes!

Don't let the title of the comm scare you--your prompts and fic don't have to be porny, or even shippy. In fact, lately, there have been lots of fic that haven't been either. ^.^

(and leave a couple prompts of your own, if you like--today's theme is St. Patrick's Day ^.^)