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look alive, sunshine
Reccing Music 
8th-Oct-2010 03:00 pm
Some music I've been listening to lately that I thought I'd share.


First up: A band that I downloaded randomly one afternoon AGES ago and just now got around to listening. They've got a really interesting sound!

Lydia: One More Day

This guy was popular a few years ago for a song called Collide. TBH, he sounds a lot like James Marsters would sound, if James could actually sing as well as he thinks he can.

Howie Day: Everyone Loves to Love a Lie

Dragonette: Black Limosine

This woman has an interesting sound, and an amazing voice, and the strangest videos like EVER.

Sia: Soon We'll Be Found

Billy Talent: Try Honesty

Maroon 5: Shiver

Regina Spektor: Rejazz

My Chemical Romance: The Ghost of You
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